The Republican Party is filled with radicals and revolutionaries

I am glad that the GOP lost both Georgia Senate seats. It’s not merely the schadenfreude of seeing the insider-trading, Mao-worshipping Republican incumbent Kelly Loeffler lose. Though that does feel good.

No, the real reason I wanted them to lose is simply that I want the GOP to be destroyed. It is beyond reform. Curtis Yarvin helps explain why. In a recent podcast, he was discussing the Allied victory over the Nazis.

“When you conquer Nazi Germany, and you want to eliminate Nazism, can you go in and ask, ‘How do we create an SS without Nazism?’ …

Its goal transcends the political: enthroning tech elites as the gatekeepers and arbiters of information

Both China and Google want to annihilate anonymity and map internet networks in order to assess individual reliability.

How does Google work? For a lot of people, that’s like asking how the internet works — after all, Google basically is the internet, at least for many users. They type their query into the address bar or Google’s search page, and they assume they’re getting the “correct” result up at the top of the search engine results page (SERP) or barring that, somewhere on the first page.

This is not just an academic question. Thousands of marketers and advertisers spend their waking hours thinking about it. And it is a live worry for small businesses for whom a couple…

Big tech KGB

Black and Tans search an Irishman. Image via Woolly Days.

Every occupying force relies on a secret intelligence service. That is precisely the role the digital tech titans play in the occupation of the United States of America.

For a long while, they were content to tail you across the digital landscape and use your personal information to make astronomical sums of money. Facebook and Google follow you around the internet and serve you ads based off of your browsing history and what you write in emails.

But make no mistake: If Biden “wins,” then the globalist project will consolidate over the next four years, led by the secret police…

How to be cheerful when the world is burning

Mont Saint Michel, the first stop of King Arthur’s journey.

It is hard to be cheerful when civilization itself is threatened with destruction. Especially when you’ve spent your entire adult life fighting and scrapping to achieve the kind of security your parents were born into, and never had to fight for. And so when you finally do achieve that security — or even just some semblance, or approximation of it — seeing the dust kicked up by a barbarian horde on their way to come tear it all down… well, that’s enough to make even the stout-hearted want to lie down and give up.

This is precisely the situation King…

Trying psychedelics, sex, politics, and whatever else sticks to the wall

Meme of brainless figure asking, ‘You mean, you want to become One with the Universe?’ and a gamer answering, ‘Yes.’
Meme of brainless figure asking, ‘You mean, you want to become One with the Universe?’ and a gamer answering, ‘Yes.’

“I just wanna go home.”

This is how one friend of mine explained the appeal of psychedelic mushrooms. It’s an arresting phrase.

Of course, I have had plenty of friends attempt a similar explanation for their attraction to hallucinogens: mushrooms, marijuana, LSD, and even other drugs “so designer they’re not even illegal yet” (that one was back in the days of Silk Road — they’d come to our apartment through the USPS). But none of my friends’ descriptions captured it in a way so profound and yet so simple as this one — as the desire to “go home.”


All they really do is provide babysitting and hot lunches

caution tape stretched across a sidewalk
caution tape stretched across a sidewalk
Image via pxfuel

Back in the innocent days of the pandemic, when governors and mayors were still wondering whether or not to close schools, do you remember what the primary argument against closure was? No one seemed to be too worried that anybody’s education would be disrupted. People worried about two things: what working parents would do with children stuck at home, and how low-income kids would eat when they lost hot lunches at school.

This isn’t the end of the world, but as Untameable Native King pointed out, it is an apocalypse…

How to repent in the midst of pandemic

rows of bulky black body bags lying on the dirt
rows of bulky black body bags lying on the dirt

“Remember you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”

Thus began the Lenten season in the year of Our Lord, 2020, just as Lent begins every year, a morbid invocation from the priest as he marks your forehead with ash in the scrawled form of a cross. Not only does he remind you that you will die, but that when you die, you will molder into indistinguishable nothingness.

This Lent began on February 26 — by then, everyone had written Joe Biden’s candidacy off (the South Carolina primary took place the…

When my argument for banning pornography over at The American Mind went viral last month, libertarians responded by doing exactly what I said they would: Freak out.

NPCs lay their hands on a human
NPCs lay their hands on a human
“Porn is no big deal, Bedivere. It doesn’t hurt anybody, Bedivere.”

I was accused, predictably, of being sexually repressed and crippled by my own shame. Rather than dealing with the arguments, the libertarians chose to try and chop the messenger’s head off.

I suppose it is, then, at my own risk that I tempt the wisdom of Solomon by answering the fool according to his folly. It wasn’t all ad hominem though. …

Photo via StockSnap.

David Foster Wallace says that a cliché might be “lame and unexciting on the surface,” but often, it actually “expresses a great and terrible truth.”

He offers up, by way of example, the cliché about “the mind being an excellent servant but a terrible master.” Where, after all, Wallace asks, do suicides by gun usually shoot themselves?

“The head. They shoot the terrible master.” A lame cliché that expresses a great and terrible truth, indeed.

Something similar is going on with this one: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” I’m not sure that it is expressing something “great…

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay.

Aslan is Christ, Turkish Delight is sin, the White Witch is Satan, the Stone Table is the Cross, and Narnia stands in for the world in which good finally conquers evil. Everyone who has read the Chronicles of Narnia and has a second-grader’s knowledge of the Bible can figure it out: The Chronicles of Narnia series is an allegory for the Christian story. After all, even C.S. Lewis’s friend, J.R.R. Tolkien (himself a Christian) disliked Narnia because of its overbearing religious allegory.

The problem is, the Chronicles of Narnia series isn’t a very good allegory. In fact, it’s not even…

Bedivere Bedrydant

Sir Bedivere is a technology executive in the Western United States.

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